Andy’s Daily Run – 5/16/13

Today’s run came out to 15 miles of total running, with 10 of those at threshold pace. Didn’t want to get up and do it this morning, but I try to look at mornings like this one as opportunities to strengthen the habit of working hard in spite of yourself (see this post for some motivation). Once I got out there I felt great, and my threshold miles were quite comfortable. My target threshold pace is right at 6:30/mi, and I managed to stay right there and feel great doing it. The 4-3-2-1 segments came out like this:

4mi – 6:28

3mi – 6:29

2mi – 6:29

1mi – 6:25

It was a great workout, so tomorrow is the time to take it pretty easy and do some recovery.

Tomorrow’s run: 5mi easy pace

Supplemental: 3×20 bent lateral raises, curls or pull-ups, crunches


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