Andy’s Daily Run – 6/14 & 6/15

Last night was my wedding anniversary. We ate amazing food and drank lots of wine, and it was glorious! I did have a bit of a wine headache this morning, and sleeping in wasn’t really happening with my son smacking me in the face at 5:30am.

Anywho, I did get a run in this afternoon:

Today’s run – Did ~2.75mi warm-up; some drills (skipping, high knees, butt kicks, that sort of thing), and 6 strides. Then met a good friend for a leisurely and conversational 4.5mi on the trail. Beautiful day and great runs!

Tomorrow’s run – Still on the fence. It’s a week out from the marathon, so I’m not doing a long long run, more of a medium long run. I will most likely do something like 5mi easy, 5mi marathon pace, 5 mi easy. The 5mi marathon pace section I may try to mirror my strategy for Grandma’s on a smaller scale. So I’ll do one mile at my goal pace for the first 10k of the marathon, then the next mile at goal pace for the second 10k of the marathon, and so on. Nothing terribly difficult, and will hopefully be a good exercise mentally.


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