Salazar on Strength Training

Salazar on Strength Training

Check out this great article on strength training with Alberto Salazar. Be sure to scroll down and watch the video with Galen Rupp. I do some of the stuff you see Rupp doing in the video, but I do almost no weights. The tough thing for us amateurs and weekend warriors is time – we have a limited amount of it to train, and we think that we have to spend those precious hours with maximum specificity, i.e. running. I think for the most part that’s right, but I’ve been increasingly throwing in 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there of strength training – bounding or body weight or one-legged squats after a run is an easy way. Occasionally after a run as I’m cooling off or doing skip drills in my back yard, I’ll jump from my driveway level up to the top of the back steps for some plyometrics. I’m starting to save links like this one so I can be more programmatic in my approach to strength training.


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