Andy’s Daily Run – 5/21/13

Today’s non-run wasn’t particularly fun. Felt like running, but probably needed the rest. This week will have more mileage than last so will likely double up some days – possibly tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s run: 8-10mi easy, 6-8 x 20-30 second strides

I’ll either do 8 in the morning or a morning and evening run to total 10 or so. Will follow it up with 15-20 minutes of stretching. I think I need to start stretching more, as I’m currently only getting it in after probably 2 runs on average during a week, which means there are 4 days of running with no or very little stretching. I plan to add at least one day to that so I’m getting a good 3 days of stretching per week.

I’m already looking forward to Wednesday’s runs, which will be a long tempo run in the morning and a group run in the evening. I’ve been running now for a little over two years and I can count the number of times I’ve run with other people on one hand, so I’m excited to get out to meet and be pushed by others!


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