Andy’s Daily Run – 6/6/13

I thought I’d be dead after today’s runs (over 18mi today, with over 14 of those at a decent clip), but I feel fantastic. I added a few strides before beginning the 10mi tempo run this morning and then did another 4 strides after I was finished (i.e. essentially as part of the 2mi cool down). I think my body is acclimating to the heavier training load. Still, not going to push it. I logged over 75 miles last week (the most I’ve ever done), and I’m on pace to do more than that this week, although part of that is due to switching my long run from Sunday to Saturday (so I technically have two long runs falling in this week). Tomorrow is a day to give tired muscles a break in intensity.


AM – Nothing or 4-5mi easy

PM – 4.5mi easy trail run

I’ve decided for sure to run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth on June 22. I’ll post more about about that before the race, including what my strategy is going to be get a Boston-qualifying time…this is the race it’s going to happen!!!


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